We are offering a night in the countryside in calm enviroment surrounded by the beautiful nature that embrace our land. 

For you who wants to combine a gardentrip with a night in the countryside this is a opportunity since we got both a plant nursery and a lagre garden that invites both to inspiration and ideas.

For you who like an opportunity to spend time in the nature there are hiking trails and good roads for cycling around the accommodation throughout the whole municipality plus there are a number of lakes close by with nice bathing places.

We are only about 6 Kilometers off the centre of Skene and have about 45 Kilometers to both Varberg and Borås for you who like to go for a bit longer excursions like swimming in the ocean, eat in cozy restaurants or go to the zoo. And besides all of that Göteborg is in reach for excursions to the city.

In the municipality of Mark where the accommodation is situated there are ofcourse restaurants, sites for excursions of different kind and different events too.

You'll find some tip for excursions at

Prices per person and night is flexible over the season. E-mail us to book your stay at or text/call +46 (0)73 4 13 26 59.


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Click on the link and see the film from our B&B :-)

Film from our B&B 

Photo below are by Alex Wayne and by us.

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