Plant nursery

  Plant nursery

Calycanthus 'Heartlegde wine'

We offer plants from selected suppliers and our assortment changes over time due to what we find on the market and what we consider interesting for our customers and ourselfs. 

Our assortment contains of exciting and odd bushes, trees and perennials. The plant nurserys speciality is magnolias which we always keep a lagre variable assortment of.

We are always in the search for new exciting plants and also nice heritage sorts. Keep an eye on our assortmentlist that we publish every spring. A minor reservation is that we might have sold out some plants since some of the plants we buy are rare and are delivered to us in minor batches but we usally have some goodies for all and everyone in the nursery.

We always strive to run our business in a sustaniable and an ecological way as possible and cherish our enviroment nearby as much as possible. E.g we produce most of our dirt ourself through our horses, we use no toxic and try to create a positive enviroment for all animals especially the ones that helps us keep insect pests to a low level.


Beside plants we also offer to design gardens, keep seminars and courses.


If you enjoy our surroundings we recommend to sit down and embrace the garden for awhile and maybe enjoy a swedish fika (coffee/tea and a bun) which will be offered during open garden events or if you like you can bring your own fika.


Since the garden is relative young (started the restructure 2006) there is  all reason to come back for a revisit to see how it develops every now and then.

Open hours during the season 2022 betwwen 9th of April - 2th of October Thursday and Fridays 2 - 6 pm (14.00 - 18.00).

Welcome to the small plant nursery with the large assortment.



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Lekvad Skogsdal 11             +46 (0)734 13 26 60  (Sara)   

511 96 Berghem                   +46 (0)734 13 26 59  (Magnus)



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