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Nyhagens garden is a rural garden with alot of perennials and bulbs, alot of exciting bushes and trees and a lagre kitchen-garden with fruit trees, berry bushes, raised culture beds and green house.

The garden in situated in a north slope but terraced build with help of stone walls to make it easier to grow and to enhance the micro-climate.


With a tour in our garden we like to give our visitors inspiration and ideas what you can do in your own garden. In the garden there are also meadows, nice pastures and woodland / arboretum that grows a little bit for each year and ofcourse there are places to sit down and enjoy all these areas.


One of the more popular places to sit at is the pergola where about 14 people can gather at the same time around a large table all made of oak from our own forest.


The closeness to the pastures and the nature contribute also to the experience. Large quantities of bulbs are planted in the garden and in the pasture. We cherish the biological diversity alot and everything we grow we grow ofcourse ecological.

Larger companies are ofcourse welcome but please book before. We have parkering for buses as well.


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Open garden 2022


An appriciated recurring event we usally have is Open Garden. The Plant nursery will be open on these events and fika will be able to buy ( i.e coffee/tea and and buns). Usally a guided tour by Sara at 3 pm.

Large companies that travel by bus please contact us before. Parkering for buses are avaliable.

More dates might be added during the season.


14 - 15 May Magnolia weekend  / Bee - fund. A walk in the garden as the magnolias bloom. The same weekend we focus on the bee - fund. Open between 1 - 5 pm

17 - 18 June Open garden

Garden is accessable at any time the plant nursary is open.

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511 96 Berghem                   +46 (0)734 13 26 59  (Magnus)



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